DESIGN: Ouest Classique indoor and outdoor chairs
Ouest Classique indoor and outdoor chairs


DESIGN: Elevator doors Art deco' panels
fusion of aluminium handpainted with gold.

DESIGN: New york Skyline monumental masterpiece
The last work by Atelier Creations Lebigre and Roger (Gilbert Lebigre and Corinne Roger his wife ), adorns the ceiling in the main lobby of the Nie...

CARNIVAL: Masters in our house, the final solution
Report presentation: "Thanks to modern technologies of our civilization than we have developed a powerful structure that would ferry us, witho...


DESIGN: Sessions Brass dolphin Baroque
Sessions Brass Lebigre design and Roger. Made for individuals and various ships of the Holland American Lines Upper Deck Bar

DESIGN: Fireplace Design Aluminium
model is made of polished metal fire place for a private house ( interior design by Matteo Crippa Studio in Milan)

CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 2009 'Those who benpensano for others'
a wonderful flock of geese ready to strongly defend a civilization destruction. These geese are wonderfully human being today, fragile, insecure, b...

SCENOGRAPHY: That's Butterfly sculpture macro. Milan, Palazzo Sforzesco
Construction of a statue of Madame Butterfly Butterfly That's for show. Sculpture macro 5m in 50 non-toxic resin and catapesta implementation - Cre...

FORMATION: Masterclass of cardboard in Martigues, France
March 2009 Masterclass traditional techniques of forming and papier mache with volunteers of different social and cultural centers of the city (Mai...

FORMATION: Construction of mold in plaster machine
Live session molding all'autodemolizione Rossi. Technology plaster mold on the machine.

CREATIONS: Equestrian statues of horses and modeling
Over the years various equestrian sculptures were modeled for stage sets, exhibition, sculpture, events, or television sets (Very victoria, trl mtv...


CARNIVAL: Carnaval de Nice 2008 'The cavalcade royale'
The fashion show if compose d'une cavalcade royale, Composée chevaux-de personnages seront en partie jupon multicolores.Les deguisèes avec des ...

CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 2008 'Ure iz ze party' here's the party?
2008 Report UERE IZ ZE PARTY "Adopt a politician." Who is a politician finds a treasure. In this sad world is plagued by global warming, ...

SCENOGRAPHY: Sirens scene Azimuth Benetti yatching gala 2008
Construction of 6 disirene code in section 4.50 meters to finish paper mache 2m sequins. AZIMUTH Benetti yatching gala. Customer azimuth yachts.

SCENOGRAPHY: A Midsummer Night's Dream for Opera National de Nancy
props for the National Theatre del'opera Nancy. construction of a hollow tree trunk 4 x 3 m, hedgehog, spider wrought iron, 2 bats, 20 banana leave...

SCENOGRAPHY: Cleopatras musical.
Model and implementation of two-sided head more 'viable two mobile 6 meters in height for the musical Cleopatra, Paris. Polystyrene materials, ...


CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 2007 'You go to the Moors' and little 'you return'
This year, Corinne Gilbert and Arnaldo enact their funeral esercizzarlo. . It appeared on the streets in a sea of more carnival themes, death and i...


DESIGN: Marble tiles and apple
Construction of a large marble apple with stalk in bronze. Realization of the craft covered in tiles inlaid floral pattern. Holland American Lines.

DESIGN: Sea Ceiling, ceiling lido deck
The panels in low relief, pool ceilings, lido deck Holland American lines.

CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 2006 'At the court of the god money there' more 'religion'


DESIGN: Dolphin baroque ceilings
Realization coffered ceiling on baroque bas-reliefs, silver leaf patina finish

DESIGN: Erasmus library table Divine Comedy, coffered ceiling.
Inlaid table made entirely by hand representing an illuminated manuscript of the Divine Comedy. Realization coffered ceiling representative books i...

CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 2005 'From riches to rags'
A legend tells of a ruler who wanted to know the real opinion of his people, he asked the counselor how to be sure that they do not mind, so 't...


CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 2004 'Sorry if we have fun, Balla and it will pass'
Report technical and artistic This project car is the result of the declared intention of wanting to return to the people and the viewers the real ...


DESIGN: Apple carved in marble and inlaid marble finish
Creation of an Ela m carved in marble and inlaid with marble lining, execution craft, beach restaurant, Holland American Lines.

DESIGN: Bas-relief pineapple
Production of Pineapple in relief Ecodecor antique gold patina.

Conception and realization of 'origami with remote-controlled elevator system for the musical R. Cocciante Le Petit Prince, directed by JL Martinoty.


DESIGN: Armchair Cellini
Armchair Series Cellini. Design & Lebigre Roger. Cast aluminum, leather.

DESIGN: Cellini Sofa
Sofa Series Cellini, design Lebigre & Roger. made of cast aluminum and leather.


DESIGN: Bench Mars and Venus
Outdoor bench made up of model Lebigre Creations & Roger. material composed of cement, made in different versions of finish (brick, bronze ..) ...

DESIGN: Chair Cellini
Cast aluminum chair with leather seat the décor, shown at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Nice from 8 to April 14. Made of 130 pieces for t...

FORMATION: Canada-New Brunswick Vocational building carnival floats
Run for over a month of a vocational training project with the aim to form a complete team that let the realization of the carnivals of years. Conc...

CREATIONS: Comedy art collection
A collection of eight bronze sculptures made also in macro-cast ore.


DESIGN: Monumental organ Zaandam
Monumental organ with air moved automata made for the central atrium of the ship Zaandam. Made of aluminum and Ecodecor (resin patented by Creation...

DESIGN: Playing the macro sculpture Yellow Jasper
play macro "Fragment of the head of a queen Early Amarna Period, ca. 1350-1340 B. C." . Made Ecodecor (resin patented by Creations Lebigr...


DESIGN: Marble floor dancefloor
Creation of a marble floor inlaid with floral design, brass edging. Amsterdam cruise ship.

CARNIVAL: Singapore Chingay Parade 1999
With the group Carnaval sans frontieres, Construction of a float "Sun and Moon" for CHINGAY parade, parade every year brings together int...

SCENOGRAPHY: Argia, Innsbruck Festival der Alten Musik
Reproduction of the Venus de Milo in macroscopic version: 8 meters in height. Venus playing three different styles of 2.20m INEI: Dali, Arman, Sosn...

CREATIONS: Astrolabe monumental Amsterdam
Astrolabe monumental for the central atrium of the ship Amsterdam, gear scenic motorized planetarium and earth-moon chime working. Ecodecor made, b...


DESIGN: Heads Florentine bas
Modelling and Realization of decorative carvings for the VFD Interiors,

DESIGN: Ceilings
Design and construction of interior ceilings and cornices.

DESIGN: Furnishings and interiors. Carnival Triumph
Realization of the furnishings and interiors for some areas in the flagship Carnival Triumph. Ceilings inlaid with pearly oysters, colonnades and l...


DESIGN: Monumental astrolabe and furniture. Rotterdam
Astrolabe Monumental really working for the Rotterdam ship made of brass, resin and bronze. Implementation of various reliefs inspired by the heads...


SCENOGRAPHY: Kalsruhe theater Amadis

CREATIONS: Trimaternit
Trimaternità. Cast concrete sculpture by Corinne Roger, Donna and sculpture exhibition, Cloister of St. Augustine, Pietrasanta.

CREATIONS: Puccini statue
Giacomo Puccini statue in white Carrara marble as a gift made in the province of Lucca in Nagasaki Glover Garden park.


CARNIVAL: Bradford Festival
Implementation of training workshops and technique of papier-mache caricatures. On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of cinema, the studio...

SCENOGRAPHY: Project A train pour Cuba, El retablo de Maese Pedro
Puppets made of papier-mâché technique for the National Opera in Havana. Corinne Roger shaped and designed the characters for the opera composed by...

FORMATION: Bradford Festival
Implementation of training workshops and technique of papier-mache caricatures. On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of cinema, the studio...


DESIGN: Monumental Fountain Ryndam
Monumental Fountain (9 m high) made for the lobby of the liner Ryndam. Resin and cast bronze.

DESIGN: Monumental Fountain Statedam

SCENOGRAPHY: Der Ring trilogy. Karlsruhe National Theatre.
Karlsruhe, Germany: Staat teather to the trilogy of Wagner. In "Twilight of the Gods" (Jean Louis Martinoty) creation of the Palace of th...


CARNIVAL: Parade, Roy des arts, un Opéra de rue.
Parade, set design and planning of the parade Parade, built on the music of Erik Satie

SCENOGRAPHY: Aragon, Theatre des Champs-lyses.
National event for the 10th anniversary of the death of Aragon. Theatre des Champs-Élysées.


CARNIVAL: Nice Carnival 'Masked'
Nice Carnival "Masked Ball" the project of the "Atelier of monumental art ephemere" with the participation of the young people ...

SCENOGRAPHY: Alceste, Opera.
Château de Versailles, Gabriel Opera: A Gilbert Lebigre Corinne and Roger was commissioned the construction of all the sculptures and furniture for...

CREATIONS: Marseille, construction of an entrance to the Cirque Baroque
Atelier d'Art Monumental Ephémère Creation and implementation of a cubist head of black jazz musician called "Baroque Noir"


FORMATION: Lieux Publics Marseille Centre of higher education of street
Marseille inauguration of "atelier d'art monumental ephemere" of the national center of the street performances (Lieux Publics), the proj...

CREATIONS: Collection of models for the Milanese market.
In the 90's and Roger Lebigre Creations manufactures various types of fashion mannequins in various materials (from wood to wrought iron to pap...


CREATIONS: Bitter Dark Chocolate, chocolate crisp satire.
In the season of investigations of clean hands were made by Gilbert Lebigre a series of cartoons entitled Amarofondente in dark chocolate, chocolat...

CREATIONS: Art in the light ..
Project for collection of spectacular chandeliers, real pieces of furniture, in a game of materials and coatings. croquis: ink on paper.


CARNIVAL: Carnival of Venice-Dall'eteno ephemeral.
Project with Ludovico De Luigi From the eternal to the ephemeral, three sculptures made of bronze De Luigi, papier mache and dark chocolate.



CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 1988 'Madonna Ciccone success as a lion'
Carro first-class, forward-looking allegory of a rising pop star success. First prize, 1988 edition. "Madonna Ciccone, a success as a lion."



CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 1987 'Midnight Jungle'


CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 1986 'The Great Waltz'
In '86 the couple Lebigre Roger salt category and makes the cart before "the great waltz dance that sees eight pairs of opposing the war n...

SCENOGRAPHY: Cendrillon by Nureyev
Realization of the set designed by Petrika Ionesco for the ballet Cendrillon, creation of Nureyev, Palais Garnier October 25, 2019

SCENOGRAPHY: L'heure espagnole
Paris Opera Comique: Clocks and mechanized sculptures in a background of the Arman Heure Espagnole by Maurice Ravel by Jean Louis Martinoty


CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 1985 'near future'
Second-class wagon made for the '85 edition of the Carnival of Viareggio near future. "

SCENOGRAPHY: Props for the film 'pie'
creation of props, sculptures and buildings play in the garden of the film Bomarzo mess, medley of 21 minor works by Handel, directed by JLouis Mar...


CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 1984 'and Fellini's dream'
Float of the second category, which represents the master of Italian cinema asleep in the arms of a buxom woman wearing a hat, around which are hun...


DESIGN: Furniture prehistoric
Creating furniture made for the first prehistoric collection of Garouste et Bonetti, Paris Galerie Jansen.


CARNIVAL: Viareggio Carnival 1981 'The pillars of the future'
Made of papier mache masquerade satirical "pillars of the future" for the 1981 edition of Carnival of Viareggio

SCENOGRAPHY: Esther Williams au Palace
Construction of a giant statue of Esther Williams as a mermaid, for a party at The Palace in Paris.

SCENOGRAPHY: Entrance of Privilege
"Privilege" exclusive restaurants and nightclubs nightlife in Paris, Gerard Garouste decorations. creation and execution of the entrance ...