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The Atelier is directed by

Gilbert Lebigre and Corinne Roger.

Since 1978 they have both worked in the sculpture painting , and the decoration of public and private environements, but also in the set buildings for theaters, cinemas and all kind of show or to see the Commedianti collection They share their exprience wih an eclectic team of artists and artisans who can offer a complete gamma of artistic production techniques. from papier mache to non toxic resins, from non inflamable materials for ship decoration and interiors to bronze and aluminium fusions or marble marqueterie.

The continual evolution in artistic tecniques The continual evolution in technique
and the invention of a new material (Ecodecor),click to see the Fountain's section
a kind of fireproof, non toxic resin, useful
in many fields of decorative production,
has made their production highly qualified.


Venus of Milo  -we rent every kind of monumental decoration for shops, Exhibitions, festivals-Dream,

we'll make it true.





































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